Steering Committee Members Come Together

On August 18, members of the steering committee convened again for their second meeting as part of the comprehensive plan process. Once again, Aaron Domini and Arthur Schmidt from OHM Advisors led the committee through a presentation that updated the committee on the status of the project and tasks completed to date. Part of the update included a revised overview of the existing conditions analysis and data for the City of Medina.

Following the update, Aaron reviewed the results and feedback the team received from the activities conducted during the first meeting. It was confirmed that the committee is seeking a plan with a long-term vision with strategic recommendations that are regularly followed and implemented. This means a working policy document that will guide change and elevate Medina’s overall quality of life. The issues and opportunities were summarized and yielded five emerging themes; mobility, housing, economic development and stabilization, sustainability, and quality of life. The themes will be tested and confirmed during the public engagement process.

Lastly, Aaron shared the results from the mapping exercise, which asked committee members to identify areas of the City where they would like to preserve, grow and enhance. The results of the mapping exercise resulted in four focus areas that the project team will begin to analyze and gather insights on throughout the project, specifically during the public engagement phase. Those focus areas are East Smith Corridor, West Liberty Corridor, South Downtown, and North Court Corridor. Steering committee members then engaged in table exercises to go over the focus areas, develop a vision statement that articulates what they want the area to become, and write down 5-10 strategies to drive the desired outcome.

The last activity was to go over the public engagement schedule and community survey. The steering committee reviewed and revised the questions in their groups, then shared their results with the project team. The next step in the planning process will be engaging directly with community members and launching a digital survey. The committee will come together toward the end of October to review the results and discuss the next steps.

Individuals can review the meeting presentation and video in the project resources tab on the website.

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