Project Overview

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The City of Medina is kickoff a planning process to update the comprehensive plan.

What is a comprehensive plan?

A Comprehensive Plan is a community blueprint which aims to build upon the City’s previous planning documents and public involvement to design a 10-20 year guide for future development. This guide will serve as a vision for future development and re-development to best position the City of Medina. This is accomplished by:

Documenting and illustrating what the community looks like today and what direction it wants to go in the future. This includes assessments of existing resources, identification of issues and opportunities, projections of future conditions and needs, and consideration of collective goals and desires.

Translates the community’s values into specific actions. As a vision plan, it provides a framework for future land use decision-making as well as the physical development of the community. All land use recommendations support and serve as a guide to the City’s zoning ordinance.

Identifies key public projects and improvements to facilitate infrastructure improvements, maintain the existing infrastructure system and to provide a financing schedule.

Engages with the people who know Medina best, the community, to understand your vision for the future.

Who is involved in the process?

The City of Medina will be overseeing the creation of the comprehensive plan. To assist in the planning process, the City has retained OHM Advisors, a professional planning, engineering, and architecture firm. In addition a steering committee consisting of city leadership, council representatives, business and community stakeholders, and citizen representatives will be involved.

Opportunities for the general public and interested parties to participate will be announced at various points throughout the project. Go over to our “Get Involved” page for specific details.

What a Comprehensive Plan does not do…

A Comprehensive Plan is NOT a zoning ordinance, a subdivision regulation, a budget, a capital improvement program or other regulatory document. However, a Comprehensive Plan is meant to provide direction for the development of these implementation tools.

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